News from Where The Light Gets in ... Some Changes from May

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Bookings open for July at midnight tonight and we have left the kitchen for our Spring break - opening again for dinner on Wednesday 15th May.

On our return our tasting menu will allow for a vegetarian option. We have tested a full vegetarian menu for the last two months, and as our team is now bigger and stronger than ever, we feel we can serve an alternative to our vegetable loving friends, on a daily basis.

We still hold to our original sentiments - here at Where The Light Gets In we do not cater for likes or dislikes, you get what you are given - and we are still humbled each day that our guests come with an open mind. We ask that any dietary requirements for your party at given at the booking stage so we can fully immerse ourselves and our guests in the evening’s experience.

A reminder that we are open for Saturday lunch as of 18th May. We will serve a lighter menu to suit a Saturday afternoon, of 8 courses for £65 and an optional wine flight for £40.

We have also learned that our guests do not like to eat late into the night midweek - work beckons and Netflix hums in anticipation of attention. Perhaps we will never have the night time spirit of our European family … and with this in mind we will now offer a lighter menu on Wednesday evenings, mirroring our Saturday lunchtime menu.

To book, please visit our website.