The Sun and the Rain

Sam in a bed 17.07.19 c Kat Wood  copy.jpg

We have had a couple of weeks of sun alongside some heavy showers and the farm has once more sprang into action. 

We are harvesting our carrots, small and tender and sweet. They are complimented so simply by the many varieties of thyme flowers that are flourishing at the bottom of the bed. 

Our kohlrabi is ready and provides a refreshing crunch at the beginning of the menu. 

The beetroot are nearly there. First up is an 1840 heirloom variety known as ‘Bulls Blood’. Named for its deep colour and fruitful punch. We have plucked the first few to work on a dish that will maybe go with lavender. 

The herb beds are so abundant now. From parsley, verbena, bronze fennel, cinnamon basil, fennel pollen, lemon balm, rosemary, Indian mint, marigold and nasturtium, the list goes on and they provide so much vitality to dishes throughout the menu.

Courgettes and cucumber are slowly beginning to fruit. We have planted five varieties of courgettes and we have ideas to premier these together on one plate in a total celebration of that most summery of squash. Cucumbers include ‘Crystal Lemon’ and an experimental variety from Stone Barns centre in New York.

Robin’s ‘Koginut Squash’ are starting to take over their beds on the cabbage patch. This is another variety from Stone Barns. We are delighted to bring these seeds from the other side of the Atlantic and watch them do so well in our northern soil.

In the polly tunnel the sweetcorn is nearly bursting through the roof and the cobs are growing everyday. 

We have begun sowing the kales, kohlrabis, turnips, sessantina and salsify that will go into the beds for autumn.

Life does not stop on the farm and we struggle to keep up, but we take inspiration from the bees that busy themselves around the flowers and work in droves to keep the harvest coming. 

The heat obliterated our peas, we got around four pods and learnt a valuable lesson about water. It doesn’t rain in the poly tunnel. But the tomatoes don’t seem to mind, varieties abound from the many plants that are thriving round the perimeter tunnel. 

Every loss is a gain in knowledge. Every harvest is a gift in creativity. 

Wheelbarrow and bed 17.07.19 c Kat Wood  copy.jpg
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Photography by Kat Wood

Photography by Kat Wood