Produce from our own farm lays the roots of the menu, followed by the efforts of those farmers and fisherman we feel blessed to work with.

For these reasons, we offer no choice, but invite our guests to experience our ever evolving menu, bending slightly day to day with weather patterns, sea conditions and the earths response. The fertile soils of our land are represented through a vegetable driven narrative. The rich seas surrounding our isles and close relationships with a handful of smallholders offer a supporting role.

Engaging fully in a food system that we believe in, our evening menu is comprised of a series of dishes utilising ingredients produced with precision and responsibility, culminating in a balanced menu that both nourishes the body and sustains our eco-system.

Our feeling toward wines are no different. We pick from our own continent, harnessing the knowledge, ethical practice and exacting standards of these winemakers. Wines starting their stories in the soils and clays that are worked. Stories that weave with our own symbiotically, to produce wines that complement our food with integrity.

We offer a pairing on the night chosen by us to enhance and complete the experience although our cellar is always open for those looking for something specific.